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Connecting 101 is an open archive of insights, education and models for HEART-BASED people  who want strong successful connections in their professional and personal lives.  Shifting “how” you connect to God, yourself and others can change the course of your life.

Alter your success by altering your mind and how you connect it. Mark 9:23 says ‘ALL THINGS are possible to those who believe it’. If you think in negative results you will achieve negative results. If you think in positive results you will achieve positive results.

Click on the pictures below to see and hear the impact of connecting in a way that serves your business, family, and YOU.

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Learn how to break through relationship barriers, re-design marketing materials so that it speaks to your customers, build confidence and watch your business flourish!

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Usually behind a struggling family is a desire to find peace and joy. Just a few shifts in perspective can make a world of difference.

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Find out what it takes to connect with your audience. Don’t commit the #1 crime that speakers commonly make on stage.  Knowing the audience and the event planners expectation is half the battle of getting hired back.